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Your local Premier Pizza is: Stafford, Unit 6 North Walls, ST16 3AD. Need to change branch?
Try our new sweet potato fries and curly fries under the classic sides section! If you fancy something sweeter our dessert section has some great new additions including a range of cookie flavours and chocolate hedgehogs.

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Delivery Information

We offer home delivery under the following order conditions:

Mileage Minimum Order * Delivery Charge
Up to 3.5 miles £12.99 £0.00
Up to 4 miles £12.99 £1.00
Up to 5 miles £15.00 £2.00

* Note you must spend at least this amount on the items, after discount, excluding any delivery or processing fees.

Company Information

Premier Pizza - Stafford

Our Address

Unit 6 North Walls,
ST16 3AD

Our Contact Information

01785 256046

[email protected]

Opening Hours

Monday 3:30pm - 10:58pm
Tuesday 3:30pm - 10:58pm
Wednesday 3:30pm - 10:58pm
Thursday 3:30pm - 10:58pm
Friday 3:30pm - 11:25pm
Saturday 3:30pm - 11:25pm
Sunday 3:30pm - 10:58pm